2012 best moments

I always try to forget the bad moments and remember only the good ones-so I leave them in the 2012 and go to my 2013 with bright and nice memories. By the way it was not an easy year at all, but I am still so optimistic. 

        Beginning of the 2012 was not happy for me: I didn't have any Ney Year party, was alone and sad. But  after I left to my lovely Paris where spent wonderful holidays. Here we are with my nice parisian friends Irina and Olesya after a fashion soirée and some glasses of french white wine. We had a lot of fun that day! ))

I like the haircut like here and I do remember this little dog well. In fact it was the happiest day for me not only of all 2012 but of many years. 

The March and April were very stressful, so there is no happy photo of that period :) 
Here I am with my mom in sunny Paris in May. 

Another happy fact that happened with me in May 2012- the birth of my nephew. I am so in love every single day with this little boy!!!

                         Summer. I cut my hair.

Automne - finally I have a dress I was dreaming about!!!

Again automne- I found a new inspiration and new hobby: I created 2 handmade knited dresses!! Here is the first one. The second you can se here

31.12.2012 - it was the best New Year ever! In gorgeous country Israel!!
Surely I will go there again! 

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